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Bacillus cereus group Conflicting Isolates: MLST Supertree Comparison

Here you can browse the precomputed supertrees based on the individual MLST schemes and explore the positions of the 0 strains showing conflicting phylogenetic typing data. For this, the conflicting isolates can be highlighted in a different color and subtrees containing only the conflicting strains can be extracted. Also, branches in the trees will be colored according to the main phylogenetic clusters of the Bacillus cereus group population to help in the visualization of strains that are located in different clusters in different trees. For each scheme, the supertree contains all isolates typed by that scheme and is based on all gene fragments used for the scheme (for details see the MLST schemes and Supertree Info pages). All trees will be available for download when they are displayed. Choose or define your browsing criteria below. The trees will be displayed using the Java Archaeopteryx tree viewer and detailed browsing can be achieved using the various tools offered by the software.

By default, supertrees for every scheme will be displayed, however you may select only a subset of the schemes if you like (using the checkboxes):


2546 isolates2529 isolates2464 isolates4779 isolates2584 isolates