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B. cereus group Conflicting Isolates

Below is the list of the 0 isolates that have been excluded from the Tourasse-Helgason MLST database because their genotyping profiles are unreliable. Isolates highlighted in purple exhibit conflicting phylogenetic positions among MLST schemes and/or typing methods, and isolates highlighted in red exhibit conflicting typing data from different collections or databases. Even though typing data from the Tourasse-Helgason scheme only are considered in the current database, the fact that, for some isolates, other MLST schemes or typing methods (such as AFLP and MLEE) give different phylogenetic results indicate that the phylogenetic positions of those particular isolates are uncertain, and therefore the isolates are not taken into account here.
A comparison of the phylogenetic positions of the conflicting isolates based on data from the TH scheme and other MLST schemes and typing methods can be obtained using the tools provided in the multi-scheme SuperCAT and multi-datatype HyperCAT databases.