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B. cereus group Conflicting Isolates

Below is the list of the 0 isolates that have been excluded from the main HyperCAT database because their genotyping profiles are unreliable. Isolates highlighted in purple exhibit conflicting phylogenetic positions among MLST schemes and/or typing methods, and isolates highlighted in red exhibit conflicting typing data from different collections or databases, or originate from mixed populations.
A comparison of the phylogenetic positions of the conflicting isolates based on data from the various MLST schemes and AFLP and MLEE typing methods can be obtained using the tools provided here.

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Click here to save the table as a tab-delimited text file. Click on strain name to get full information and sequences for a given isolate. Alternative strain names are given in parentheses in the strain description. Species name "B.c_group" represents uncharacterized B.cereus group strains. G indicates isolates with completely sequenced genomes.
Note: MLST schemes are abbreviated as follows: TH, Tourasse-Helgason; H, Helgason; K, Ko; P, Priest; CS, Candelon-Sorokin.
AFLP studies are abbreviated as follows: AFLP1, Ticknor; AFLP2, Hill; AFLP3, Guinebretiere
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