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Information on strain overlap between B. cereus group typing methods

36 isolates common to the aflp, mlee and mlst typing methods among the 5886 strains currently selected.

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Click here to save the table as a tab-delimited text file. Click on strain name to get full information and sequences for a given isolate. Alternative strain names are given in parentheses in the strain description. Species name "B.c_group" represents uncharacterized B.cereus group strains. G indicates isolates with completely sequenced genomes.
Note: MLST schemes are abbreviated as follows: TH, Tourasse-Helgason; H, Helgason; K, Ko; P, Priest; CS, Candelon-Sorokin.
AFLP studies are abbreviated as follows: AFLP1, Ticknor; AFLP2, Hill; AFLP3, Guinebretiere
straindescriptionsourcelocationclustertyping data
DSM11821GB.weihenstephanensis type strain WSBC10204 (DSM11821, AH1145, KB008, NBRC101238)Dairy products, pasteurized milk (1992) [from the same dairy as isolates WSBC10028, WSBC10029, WSBC10030, WSBC10031, WSBC10042, WSBC10201, WSBC10205, WSBC10206, WSBC10208, and WSBC10211; two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences; sequences conflicting with isolate WSBC10204] clusterVICS,H,K,P,TH,AFLP3,MLEE
AH553B.c_group AH553Soil, cabbage field (1993)Norway, MossclusterIIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
AH641B.c_group AH641Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, Singsaas/SaeterengclusterVIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
AH621GB.c_group AH621Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, Singsaas/SaeterengclusterVICS,H,K,P,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
AH251B.thuringiensis kenyae BGSC4F3 (AH251, AH1302, HD293)Animal, Insect, Almond moth (Ephestia cautella/Cadra cautella)USAclusterIVH,P,TH,AFLP2,MLEE
AH676#1B.c_group AH676 (AH676#1)Soil, heather soil (1994) [data from University of Oslo, Norway; sequences conflicting with isolate AH676#2]Norway, TromsoeclusterVIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
AH547B.c_group AH547Soil, cabbage field (1993)Norway, MossclusterVIH,TH,AFLP1,AFLP2,MLEE
AH519B.c_group AH519Soil, strawberry field (1993)Norway, MossclusterIIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
AH632B.c_group AH632Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, Singsaas/SaeterengclusterVIH,TH,AFLP1,AFLP2,MLEE
AH536B.c_group AH536Soil, strawberry field (1993)Norway, MossclusterIIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
AH663B.c_group AH663Soil, woodland soil (1994)Norway, BrekkvasselvclusterVIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
97-27GB.thuringiensis konkukian 97-27 (97/027, CEB97/27, CEB97/027, AH1248)Human, tissue necrosis (1995) [two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences]Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, SarajevoclusterIIICS,H,K,P,TH,AFLP2,MLEE
AH572B.c_group AH572Soil, beech grove (1993)Norway, MossclusterIIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
ATCC10987#1GB.cereus ATCC10987 (AH75, NRS248, 6A15, ATCC10987#1)Dairy products, Cheese (1930)CanadaclusterIIICS,H,K,P,TH,AFLP1,AFLP3,MLEE
AH675B.c_group AH675Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, TromsoeclusterVIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
AH685B.c_group AH685Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, TromsoeclusterVIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
AH645B.c_group AH645Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, SteigenclusterVIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
BGSC4I5B.thuringiensis subtoxicus BGSC4I5 (AH254, HD109) CanadaclusterIVP,AFLP2,MLEE
ATCC4342GB.cereus ATCC4342 (AH226, AH821)Dairy products, milk (1900) [sensitive to gamma phage infecting B.anthracis; two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences]USAclusterIIICS,H,K,P,TH,AFLP1,AFLP2,MLEE
AH546B.c_group AH546Soil, cabbage field (1993)Norway, MossclusterIVH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
AH542B.c_group AH542Soil, strawberry field (1993)Norway, MossclusterIIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
F4810/72GB.cereus F4810/72 (AH187, KBBI2, FHL4810, NCTC11143, DSM4312, SMR178)Human, vomit (1972) [emetic food poisoning outbreak; human vomiting; reference emetic toxin/cereulide producer]UKclusterIIICS,H,K,P,TH,AFLP2,AFLP3,MLEE
ATCC11778B.c_group ATCC11778 (IMSNU11013, AH182, AH1086, 152, DSM4490, NCTC10320, KCTC1012, PCI213)[B.cereus or B.mycoides]USA, New YorkclusterIVK,P,AFLP1,AFLP2,AFLP3,MLEE
AH650B.c_group AH650Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, SteigenclusterVIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
BGSC4C1GB.thuringiensis alesti BGSC4C1 (AH842, HD16, CCEB463)Animal, Insect, silkworm (Bombyx mori) (1987) [two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences]CzechoslovakiaclusterIVCS,H,K,P,TH,AFLP2,MLEE
ATCC6464B.cereus ATCC6464 (AH225, KBBI5)Soil clusterIVCS,AFLP1,MLEE
AH681B.c_group AH681Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, TromsoeclusterVIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
WSBC10202B.weihenstephanensis WSBC10202 (AH1144)Dairy products, pasteurized milk (1999)GermanyclusterVIP,AFLP3,MLEE
AH664B.c_group AH664Soil, woodland soil (1994)Norway, BrekkvasselvclusterVIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
AH535B.c_group AH535Soil, strawberry field (1993)Norway, MossclusterVITH,AFLP1,AFLP2,MLEE
ATCC33679B.thuringiensis kurstaki ATCC33679 (KCTC1507, AH1084, NRRLB-3792, HD1)Animal, diseased insect larvae [sequences conflicting with isolates BGSC4D1, HD1#1, HD1#2, and HD1#3] clusterIVK,P,AFLP1,AFLP2,AFLP3,MLEE
AH684B.c_group AH684Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, TromsoeclusterVIP,AFLP1,MLEE
AH627B.c_group AH627Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, Singsaas/SaeterengclusterVIH,TH,AFLP1,MLEE
AH678B.c_group AH678Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, TromsoeclusterVIH,TH,AFLP1,AFLP2,MLEE
ATCC53522GB.cereus ATCC53522 (AH1085, UW85, DSM6791)Plant, roots of field-grown alfalfa/Lucerne grass (Medicago sativa) (1985)USA, Wisconsin, ArlingtonclusterIVCS,H,K,P,TH,AFLP1,AFLP2,MLEE
WSBC10201B.weihenstephanensis WSBC10201 (AH1143)Dairy products, pasteurized milk (1992) [from the same dairy as isolates WSBC10028, WSBC10029, WSBC10030, WSBC10031, WSBC10042, WSBC10204, WSBC10205, WSBC10206, WSBC10208, and WSBC10211]Germany, WeihenstephanclusterVITH,AFLP3,MLEE