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Typing Method Search

Please, select one or more datatypes (typing methods) and/or schemes using the checkboxes.
Selecting a typing method (MLST, AFLP, or MLEE) will automatically include all underlying schemes or studies. Uncheck the methods when selecting subsets of individual schemes or studies.

MLST (MultiLocus Sequence Typing). 5106 isolates.
Tourasse, Helgason et al. 2006 (TH) scheme (this database)
Genes: adk, ccpA, glpF, glpT, panC, pta, and pycA(2). 2584 isolates.
Helgason et al. 2004 (H) scheme
Genes: adk, ccpA, ftsA, glpT, pyrE, recF, and sucC. 2529 isolates.
Ko et al. 2004 (K) scheme
Genes: gyrB, mbl, mdh, mutS, pycA(1), and rpoB. 2464 isolates.
Priest et al. 2004 (P) scheme
Genes: glpF, gmk, ilvD, pta, purH, pycA(2), and tpi. 4779 isolates.
Candelon et al. 2004Sorokin et al. 2006 (CS) scheme
Genes: clpC, dinB, gdpD, panC, purF, and yhfL. 2546 isolates.
AFLP (Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism). 862 isolates.
Ticknor et al. 2001 (AFLP1) study. 166 isolates.
Hill et al. 2004 (AFLP2) study. 332 isolates.
Guinebretiere et al. 2008 (AFLP3) study. 425 isolates.
MLEE (MultiLocus Enzyme Electrophoresis). 316 isolates.
Helgason et al. 2000 study. 316 isolates.

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