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Bacillus cereus group Multi-Datatype MLST+AFLP Supercluster Browsing

Here you can browse and download the precomputed superclusters of genetically closely related isolates that have been built using all isolates available in the database and based on MLST and AFLP data. The superclusters have been computed using a tree-independent clustering algorithm (see the Supercluster Info page for further details) and contain two or more isolates that share an identical MLST or AFLP profile. Within a supercluster, each isolate shares a genotyping profile with at least one other strain in the group, but all isolates in a supercluster may not be identical. MLEE profiles have not been included in the computation of the superclusters because MLEE, which is based on protein profiles, has a much lower resolution power than MLST and AFLP. The MLST+AFLP-based superclusters, added to singleton isolates, i.e., isolates that do not share typing profiles with any other isolate, give a genetic overview or "snapshot" of the Bacillus cereus group population based on the MLST and AFLP typing methods.

The whole MLST+AFLP snapshot based on 5816 isolates can be browsed interactively below by clicking and mouseover. The superclusters and singletons can be colored by species or source (origin) of the isolates. Superclusters are labeled by number while singletons are labeled by strain name. Follow the links below to obtain a detailed composition of the superclusters and a listing of the singletons, and to view the positions of the isolates in the MLST+AFLP phylogenetic supertree. To build superclusters using selected subsets of isolates and typing methods, use the "Find similar isolates" function in the HyperCAT Home page.
In addition, the superclusters have been mapped onto the MLST+AFLP supertree, giving a combined and integrative genetic and phylogenetic snapshot of the Bacillus cereus group population, which can be browsed in the Genetic Network page.

  • Click here for detailed composition and phylogenetic viewing of the multi-scheme and multi-datatype MLST+AFLP superclusters.

The interactive snapshot charts have been created using Bar Charts from "Google chart tools".