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Bacillus cereus group MLST+AFLP+MLEE Supertree

Here you can browse the precomputed MLST+AFLP+MLEE supertree based on the three typing methods, MLST, AFLP, and MLEE, containing 5886 isolates. The tree is provided in order to explore the phylogenetic positions of the 70 isolates that have been typed only by MLEE, and which are not included in the reference MLST+AFLP supertree. The MLST+AFLP+MLEE supertree provides a means to assess the relationships between these 70 isolates and the 5816 isolates that have been typed by the more discriminative MLST and AFLP genotyping techniques.
Functionalities include coloring and marking of the 70 strains typed by MLEE only and extraction of the subtree containing only these strains. The tree and subtree will be available for download when they are displayed. The trees will be displayed using the Archaeopteryx software, and detailed browsing can be achieved using the various buttons in the tree windows.