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Bacillus cereus group MLST, AFLP, and MLEE Profiles Browsing

Here you can browse and download the complete lists of MLST, AFLP, and MLEE genotyping profiles, that have been precomputed using all 5886 isolates available in the database. Several lists are provided:

For MLST data, gene sequences for each profile can be obtained and downloaded.
The phylogenetic position of isolates having a given genotyping profile can also be mapped onto the MLST+AFLP supertree for profiles based on MLST and/or AFLP, or onto the MLST+AFLP+MLEE supertree for profiles including MLEE data.
To build lists of genotyping profiles and groups of identical isolates using selected subsets of isolates and typing methods, use the "Find similar isolates" function in the HyperCAT Home page.