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Bacillus cereus group Multi-Datatype Supertree Browsing

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Here you can browse the precomputed MLST+AFLP supertree based on the two DNA typing methods, MLST and AFLP, containing isolates. This tree is used as the reference supertree in the HyperCAT database. It is more reliable than the MLST+AFLP+MLEE supertree which also includes phylogenetic information from MLEE data, because MLEE, which is based on protein profiles, has a much lower resolution power than MLST and AFLP. The MLST+AFLP+MLEE supertree containing isolates is available here for users who wish to explore the phylogenetic positions of the isolates that have been typed only by MLEE and which are thus not included in the reference MLST+AFLP supertree. It is also available for comparison with the method-specific trees in the "Compare Supertrees" function in the HyperCAT Home.
Functionalities include coloring and marking of the strains according to various criteria such as species, source (origin), genetic relatedness, or selected isolates. Subtrees containing only the selected or matching strains can also be extracted. All trees and subtrees will be available for download when they are displayed. Choose or define your browsing criteria below. The trees will be displayed using both the Java Archaeopteryx tree viewer and the Java Treebolic hyperbolic graph viewer, and detailed browsing can be achieved using the various tools offered by both softwares.

Phylogenetic Tree: