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Bacillus cereus group MLST Sequence Download

You have selected 0 isolates from the database. Among those, 0 have been typed by MLST.
Now, you can download the sequence data for these 0 isolates, either by MLST scheme or by individual gene locus.

The 0 strains have been typed using one or several of the schemes below (click here for a detailed breakdown). Please select the loci you would like to download, from one or several schemes (using the checkboxes).

Then choose a sequence format: 

Finally, choose whether to download individual loci or concatenated sequences (sequences will be concatenated in alphabetical order of gene names). When concatenating multiple genes, missing sequences in specific isolates will be replaced by gaps (−), i.e., sequences will be aligned. In addition, when selecting genes from multiple schemes, you can choose to retrieve either all isolates from all selected schemes or only the isolates common to all selected schemes.