1 isolate(s) sharing at least one MLST scheme with strain B.cereus 2002734484

The table gives the list of isolates sharing MLST data with the query strain. Those are the isolates for which all loci of at least one MLST scheme have sequences identical to those of the query strain. The list of shared MLST schemes and/or loci is given. Click on the strain name to get full information and links to MLST allele sequences for a given isolate.
MLST schemes are abbreviated as follows: TH, Tourasse−Helgason; H, Helgason; K, Ko; P, Priest; CS, Candelon−Sorokin.

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StrainSourceLocationShared / Total LociShared Scheme(s) and/or Loci
B.cereus 9506 UK7/7P
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