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Tourasse, Helgason et al. 2006 (TH) scheme (this database)
Genes: adk, ccpA, glpF, glpT, panC, pta, and pycA(2). 478 isolates.
Helgason et al. 2004 (H) scheme
Genes: adk, ccpA, ftsA, glpT, pyrE, recF, and sucC. 424 isolates.
Ko et al. 2004 (K) scheme
Genes: gyrB, mbl, mdh, mutS, pycA(1), and rpoB. 352 isolates.
Priest et al. 2004 (P) scheme
Genes: glpF, gmk, ilvD, pta, purH, pycA(2), and tpi. 2015 isolates.
Candelon et al. 2004Sorokin et al. 2006 (CS) scheme
Genes: clpC, dinB, gdpD, panC, purF, and yhfL. 442 isolates.

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