Full information on strain B.thuringiensis BGSC4AY1

descriptionB.thuringiensis brasilensis AH1356 (BGSC4AY1, T39001)
sourceFood, black pepper powder
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reference215681162: Kim K, Seo J, Wheeler K, Park C, Kim D, Park S, Kim W, Chung SI, Leighton T (2005) FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol 43:301-10
Rapid genotypic detection of Bacillus anthracis and the Bacillus cereus group by multiplex real-time PCR melting curve analysis.
MLST loci7 complete (click individual allele to get sequence or click here to get all sequences in FASTA format)
completeadk-2 ccpA-47 glpF-47 glpT-44 panC-45 pta-32 pycA-45  
no seq.  

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