Full information on strain B.mycoides ATCC6462

strain with completely sequenced genome CP009692 (link to genome data)

descriptionB.mycoides type strain DSM2048 (ATCC6462, WS2641, NRS273, NCTC12974, CIP103472, KCTC3453)
locationKorea (South), Seoul
other infolook in StrainInfo database for additional info, if any
reference125931591: Johnson SL, Daligault HE, Davenport KW, Jaissle J, Frey KG, Ladner JT, Broomall SM, Lilly KA, Bruce DC, Gibbons HS, Coyne SR, Lo CC, Meincke L, Munk AC, Koroleva GI, Rosenzweig CN, Palacios GF, Redden CL, Minogue TD, Chain PS (2015) Genome Announc 3:
Complete genome sequences for 35 biothreat assay-relevant bacillus species.
reference222645259: Zwick ME, Joseph SJ, Didelot X, Chen PE, Lilly KA, Stewart AC, Willner K, Nolan N, Lentz S, Thomason MK, Sozhamannan S, Mateczun AJ, Du L, Read TD (2012) Genome Res 22:1512-24
Genomic characterization of the Bacillus cereus sensu lato species: backdrop to the evolution of Bacillus anthracis.
MLST loci7 complete (click individual allele to get sequence or click here to get all sequences in FASTA format)
completeadk-53 ccpA-20 glpF-27 glpT-66 panC-23 pta-25 pycA-19  
no seq.  

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