Full information on strain B.anthracis CDC684

strain with completely sequenced genome CP001215 (link to genome data)

descriptionB.anthracis CDC684 (NRRL3495, NRS234)
source[originally labeled B.megaterium; shows significant attenuation of virulence; pXO1+/pXO2+]
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reference121962024: Okinaka RT, Price EP, Wolken SR, Gruendike JM, Chung WK, Pearson T, Xie G, Munk C, Hill KK, Challacombe J, Ivins BE, Schupp JM, Sternberg SM, Friedlander A, Keim P (2011) BMC Genomics 12:477
An attenuated strain of Bacillus anthracis (CDC 684) has a large chromosomal inversion and altered growth kinetics.
MLST loci7 complete (click individual allele to get sequence or click here to get all sequences in FASTA format)
completeadk-24 ccpA-36 glpF-35 glpT-18 panC-32 pta-32 pycA-33  
no seq.  

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