Full information on strain B.cereus ATCC11950

strain with completely sequenced genome ABCZ02000000 (link to genome data)

descriptionB.cereus W (ATCC11950)
sourceSoil [carries the prophage W; W and its lytic variant, phage gamma, infect B.anthracis]
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reference116621835: Fouts DE, Rasko DA, Cer RZ, Jiang L, Fedorova NB, Shvartsbeyn A, Vamathevan JJ, Tallon L, Althoff R, Arbogast TS, Fadrosh DW, Read TD, Gill SR (2006) J Bacteriol 188:3402-8
Sequencing Bacillus anthracis typing phages gamma and cherry reveals a common ancestry.
reference216585764: Schuch R, Fischetti VA (2006) J Bacteriol 188:3037-51
Detailed genomic analysis of the Wbeta and gamma phages infecting Bacillus anthracis: implications for evolution of environmental fitness and antibiotic resistance.
MLST loci7 complete (click individual allele to get sequence or click here to get all sequences in FASTA format)
completeadk-2 ccpA-35 glpF-68 glpT-39 panC-40 pta-32 pycA-17  
no seq.  

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