Bacillus cereus group MLST Database (Tourasse-Helgason scheme)

Welcome to the Bacillus cereus group MLST database for the Tourasse-Helgason (TH) scheme.

LATEST NEWS (November 2015):
   MAJOR UPDATE OF THE DATABASE: ~250 additional isolates, most of them with complete genomes.
   MLST sequences and information from 19 brazilian B. cereus and B. thuringiensis isolates kindly provided by Dr. Adriana M. Vivoni, Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC-FIOCRUZ), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
   MLST sequences and information from the chinese rice isolate B. cereus 192 kindly submitted by Dr. Yang Yong, Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Zhejiang CDC), Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.
   Now including data from four recently defined species that may be novel members of the B. cereus group: B. toyonensis (Jimenez et al. 2013), B. gaemokensis (Jung et al. 2010), B. manliponensis (Jung et al. 2011), and B. bingmayongensis (Liu et al. 2014).

NEWS (March 2012):
   Integration of 84 additional isolates, including 7 with complete genomes, and 2 novel isolates belonging to the B. cytotoxicus species recently described in Guinebretiere et al. 2012.
NEWS (April-July 2010):
   Isolates having conflicting typing data and/or phylogenetic positions are now removed from analyses.
Isolate information has been significantly updated.
   Now providing links to the Integrated Microbial Database, StrainInfo, for additional isolate identifiers, information, and links to database collections.
   Now providing consistent across-method phylogenetic classification of the isolates based on the seven clusters defined by Guinebretiere et al. 2008.
   Now providing phylogenetic trees colored according to the main clusters of the B. cereus group population.
   Now providing the possibility to select and search isolates according to the phylogenetic cluster they belong to.
   Now providing display of phylogenetic trees in 2D hyperbolic space with the use of Treebolic software.
   Now providing phylogenetic trees in XML format and the new PhyloXML standard.
NEWS (August 2009):
   Now providing even more advanced phylogenetic tree viewing with the use of Archaeopteryx software.

TH Database Info

   This database provides information and sequence data for all isolates that have been typed using the MLST method based on the combined scheme of Tourasse, Helgason et al. 2006, as well as strains whose complete genomes have been sequenced (currently 330). Click the MLST Scheme link for detailed information about the scheme and click the Primers and Protocol link for the gene amplification and sequencing protocol. The whole database currently contains data for 478 isolates representing 251 sequence types (STs), as of August 1, 2015. The Strain Statistics page gives overall statistics about species distribution and strain origin.
   Conflicting isolates: Note that an additional set of 19 isolates, including 12 of the complete genomes, have not been included in the main database because they exhibit conflicting phylogenetic positions among MLST schemes and/or typing methods, or they exhibit conflicting typing data from different collections or databases. These conflicting isolates are listed here.

   The isolates have been classified according to the seven major phylogenetic clusters of the B. cereus group population defined by Guinebretiere et al. 2008 (denoted I-VII). In order to provide a classification that is consistent across typing methods, isolates have been assigned to a particular cluster if they belong to that cluster in MLST-only, MLST+AFLP, and MLST+AFLP+MLEE phylogenetic analyses. Otherwise, isolates that could not be assigned consistently to a given cluster or that do not belong to any of the seven major clusters are classified as "unclustered". The branches of every phylogenetic tree provided or generated by the database are color-coded according to cluster. An additional tool for affiliating isolates to the seven clusters based on the panC gene sequence is provided by Guinebretiere et al. at this URL (see Guinebretiere et al. 2010).

   The species assignments listed in the database correspond to the original assignments reported in publications, bacterial culture collections, and sequence databases. Some isolates may have to be reclassified upon further phylogenetic, genetic, and/or microbiological studies.

Note: The MLST data of the Tourasse-Helgason scheme have also been combined with data from the 4 other MLST schemes available for the B. cereus group in the multi-scheme SuperCAT database, and with typing data from Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP) and MultiLocus Enzyme Electrophoresis (MLEE) in the multi-datatype HyperCAT database, also provided on this server.

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Click here to save the table as a tab-delimited text file. Click on strain name to get full information and sequences for a given isolate. Alternative strain names are given in parentheses in the strain description. Species name "B.c_group" represents uncharacterized B.cereus group strains. G indicates isolates with completely sequenced genomes.
AmesGB.anthracis Ames Porton[pXO1-/pXO2-; Ames strain cured of the pXO1 and pXO2 plasmids at UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory]UK, England, Porton DownclusterIII
EPI674B.anthracis EPI674Human, Heroin abuser, muscleNorwayclusterIII
NVH87B.anthracis NVH87Animal, cattle (Bovine) (1987)NorwayclusterIII
NVH93B.anthracis NVH93Animal, cattle (Bovine) (1993)NorwayclusterIII
ATCC10987GB.cereus ATCC10987 (AH75)Dairy products, Cheese (1930)CanadaclusterIII
F4810/72GB.cereus F4810/72 (AH187, KBBI2, FHL4810, NCTC11143, DSM4312, SMR178)Human, vomit (1972) [emetic food poisoning outbreak; human vomiting; reference emetic toxin/cereulide producer]UKclusterIII
AH230B.thuringiensis ATCC21282 (AH230)  clusterIII
AH251B.thuringiensis kenyae BGSC4F3 (AH251, AH1302, HD293)Animal, Insect, Almond moth (Ephestia cautella/Cadra cautella)USAclusterIV
AH267B.c_group AH267HumanNorwayclusterIII
AH403B.c_group AH403DairyNorwayclusterVI
AH407B.c_group AH407DairyFinland, ValioclusterVI
AH408B.c_group AH408DairyFinland, ValioclusterVI
AH519B.c_group AH519Soil, strawberry field (1993)Norway, MossclusterII
AH536B.c_group AH536Soil, strawberry field (1993)Norway, MossclusterII
AH542B.c_group AH542Soil, strawberry field (1993)Norway, MossclusterII
AH546B.c_group AH546Soil, cabbage field (1993)Norway, MossclusterIV
AH547B.c_group AH547Soil, cabbage field (1993)Norway, MossclusterVI
AH553B.c_group AH553Soil, cabbage field (1993)Norway, MossclusterII
AH572B.c_group AH572Soil, beech grove (1993)Norway, MossclusterII
AH607B.c_group AH607DairyNorway, TynsetclusterII
AH614B.c_group AH614DairyNorway, PorsgrunnclusterVI
AH627B.c_group AH627Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, Singsas/SaeterengclusterVI
AH632B.c_group AH632Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, Singsas/SaeterengclusterVI
AH641B.c_group AH641Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, Singsas/SaeterengclusterVI
AH645B.c_group AH645Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, SteigenclusterVI
AH650B.c_group AH650Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, SteigenclusterVI
AH663B.c_group AH663Soil, woodland soil (1994)Norway, BrekkvasselvclusterVI
AH664B.c_group AH664Soil, woodland soil (1994)Norway, BrekkvasselvclusterVI
AH675B.c_group AH675Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, TromsoclusterVI
AH678B.c_group AH678Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, TromsoclusterVI
AH681B.c_group AH681Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, TromsoclusterVI
AH685B.c_group AH685Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, TromsoclusterVI
AH716B.c_group AH716Human, pusNorway, SkienclusterIV
AH718B.c_group AH718Human, noseNorway, SkienclusterIV
AH726B.c_group AH726Human, urineNorway, SkienclusterIV
AH727B.c_group AH727Human, pusNorway, SkienclusterII
AH728B.c_group AH728Human, urineNorway, SkienclusterIII
AH810B.c_group AH810Human, periodontitis (1994)Norway, TelemarkclusterIII
AH811B.c_group AH811Human, periodontitis (1995)Brazil, Sao Jose dos PinhaisclusterIV
AH812B.c_group AH812Human, periodontitis (1995)Norway, OsloclusterIII
AH813B.c_group AH813Human, periodontitis (1995)Brazil, CuritibaclusterIII
AH816B.c_group AH816Human, periodontitis (1995)Norway, AkershusclusterIII
AH817B.c_group AH817Human, periodontitis (1995)Norway, AkershusclusterIII
AH818B.c_group AH818Human, periodontitis (1995)Brazil, CuritibaclusterIII
AH819B.c_group AH819Human, periodontitis (1995)Norway, OsloclusterIII
AH820GB.c_group AH820Human, periodontitis (1995)Norway, AkershusclusterIII
AH823B.c_group AH823Human, periodontitis (1996)Norway, OsloclusterIII
AH824B.c_group AH824Human, periodontitis (1996)Norway, AkershusclusterIII
AH825B.c_group AH825Human, periodontitis (1996)Norway, AkershusclusterIII
AH826B.c_group AH826Human, periodontitis (1996)Norway, RogalandclusterIII
AH827B.c_group AH827Human, periodontitis (1996)Norway, HedmarkclusterIII
AH828B.c_group AH828Human, periodontitis (1996)Norway, OsloclusterIII
AH829B.c_group AH829Human, periodontitis (1996)Norway, AkershusclusterIII
AH831B.c_group AH831Human, periodontitis (1996)Norway, OsloclusterIII
AH840B.c_group AH840  clusterIII
AH889B.c_group AH889Human, bloodNorwayclusterIV
AH1123B.c_group 9823 (AH1123)HumanFranceclusterIII
AH1127B.c_group 9843 (AH1127)HumanFranceclusterIII
AH1129B.c_group BC004 (AH1129)Human, eyeUSA, OklahomaclusterIV
AH1131B.c_group BC029 (AH1131)Human, eyeUSA, Oklahomaunclustered
AH1132B.c_group BC030 (AH1132)Human, eyeUSA, OklahomaclusterIV
AH1135B.c_group S8553 (AH1135)Soil, clearing station mud (1997) [from the site of an anthrax outbreak]France, Alps mountainsclusterIII
AH1247B.c_group 97-79 (AH1247)Soil (1997) [from the site of an anthrax outbreak]France, Pyrenees mountainsclusterV
AH1270B.c_group AH1270Human, cervix; Reykjavik University Hospital (2000) [from the same hospital as isolates AH1271, AH1272, and AH1273]Iceland, ReykjavikclusterII
AH1293B.c_group AH1293Human, bloodNorway, TromsoclusterIV
AH1294B.c_group AH1294Human, bloodNorway, TromsoclusterIV
7700B.anthracis Sterne 7700 (95-31)[pXO1-/pXO2-]AfricaclusterIII
ATCC14579GB.cereus type strain ATCC14579 (AH923, BGSC6A5, KB001, KCTC3624)Other, Farm, cow-shed air (1916)USAclusterIV
ATCC35646GB.thuringiensis israelensis ATCC35646 (IMSNU12089, KB005, KCTC1509, HD522)Other, sewageIsraelclusterIV
NVH0391/98GB.cytotoxicus type strain NVH0391-98 (KB007, CytK, DSM22905, CIP110041, NVH0391/98)Food, Vegetable puree (1998) [diarrheal food poisoning outbreak, fatal]France, EssoneclusterVII
E33LGB.cereus E33L (Zebra Killer)Animal, Carcass of dead zebra (1996) [two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences]Namibia, Etosha National ParkclusterIII
KBAB4GB.weihenstephanensis KBAB4Soil, Forest soil (2000)France, VersaillesclusterVI
G9241GB.cereus G9241 (2000031673, B06_002)Human, sputum and blood (1994) [human pneumonia; carries pXO1 plasmid with anthrax virulence genes and produces a polysaccharide capsule; two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences]USA, LouisianaclusterIII
97-27GB.thuringiensis konkukian 97-27 (97/027, CEB97/27, CEB97/027)Human, tissue necrosis (1995)Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, SarajevoclusterIII
WestNAGB.anthracis Western North America USA6153 (A0071)Animal, Bison [pXO1+/pXO2+]CanadaclusterIII
VollumGB.anthracis Vollum[this strain is used in research studies and is found in the UK, Spain, and Zimbabwe; pXO1+/pXO2+; two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences; differences from isolate A0488 in adk and glpF sequences] clusterIII
Sterne34F2GB.anthracis Sterne 34F2 (ASC245)Animal, cattle (cow) (1937) [Animal vaccine strain; pXO1+/pXO2-]South AfricaclusterIII
KrugerBGB.anthracis Kruger B[pXO1+/pXO2+]South Africa, Kruger National ParkclusterIII
FloridaGB.anthracis Ames Florida (A2012)Human [from bioterror mailing attacks in 2001; pXO1+/pXO2+]USA, FloridaclusterIII
CNEVAGB.anthracis CNEVA 9066 (A0402, K1887)Human [pXO1+/pXO2+]France (Southern)clusterIII
Australia94GB.anthracis Australia94 (K4834, A0039, 29/32)Animal, cattle (Bovine) (1994) [pXO1+/pXO2+]Australia, Victoria ProvinceclusterIII
AmesAncGB.anthracis Ames Ancestor (A0581, A2084)Animal, cattle (Cow) (1981) [this strain is the progenitor of all the Ames strains used as research tools in laboratories around the world; pXO1+/pXO2+]USA, Texas, SaritaclusterIII
A1055GB.anthracis A1055 (2000031021, GroupC)[belongs to the divergent C branch; pXO1-/pXO2+]USA, LouisianaclusterIII
AH1124B.c_group 9829 (AH1124)HumanFranceclusterIII
AH1125B.c_group 9801 (AH1125)HumanFranceclusterII
AH1126B.c_group 9842 (AH1126)HumanFranceclusterV
AH1130B.c_group BC008 (AH1130)Human, eyeUSA, OklahomaclusterIV
AH1133B.c_group BC031 (AH1133)Human, eyeUSA, Oklahomaunclustered
AH1134GB.cereus BC006 (AH1134)Human, eye [pediatric endophthalmitis case]USA, OklahomaclusterIV
WSBC10201B.weihenstephanensis WSBC10201 (AH1143)Dairy products, pasteurized milk (1992) [from the same dairy as isolates WSBC10028, WSBC10029, WSBC10030, WSBC10031, WSBC10042, WSBC10204, WSBC10205, WSBC10206, WSBC10208, and WSBC10211]Germany, WeihenstephanclusterVI
AH1308B.c_group AH1308Human, faeces/stoolsGermany, KarlsruheclusterV
AH1309B.c_group AH1309Human, faeces/stoolsGermany, KarlsruheclusterV
AH1310B.c_group AH1310Human, faeces/stoolsGermany, KarlsruheclusterV
AH1311B.c_group AH1311Other, probioticGermany, KarlsruheclusterV
AH1312B.c_group AH1312Human, bloodGermany, KarlsruheclusterV
BGSC4AB1B.thuringiensis morrisoni AH1354 (BGSC4AB1)  clusterIII
BGSC4AY1B.thuringiensis brasilensis AH1356 (BGSC4AY1, T39001)Food, black pepper powderBrazilclusterIII
295171B.c_group 295171Human, bloodUKclusterIV
295618B.c_group 295618Other, heroinUKclusterIV
AH338B.mycoides AH338Soil (1992)Norway, OsloclusterV
AH535B.c_group AH535Soil, strawberry field (1993)Norway, MossclusterVI
AH723B.c_group AH723Human, eyeNorway, SkienclusterIII
AH725B.c_group AH725Human, eyeNorway, SkienclusterIV
AH729B.c_group AH729Human, wound secretNorway, SkienclusterII
AH730B.c_group AH730Human, urineNorway, SkienclusterIII
AH814B.c_group AH814Human, periodontitis (1995)Norway, AkershusclusterIV
AH815B.c_group AH815Human, periodontitis (1995)Norway, More og RomsdalclusterIV
AH886B.c_group AH886Human, bloodNorway, OsloclusterIII
AH891B.c_group AH891Human, bloodNorway, OsloclusterIII
AH893B.cereus AH893Human, woundNorway, TromsoclusterIII
BtAlHakamGB.thuringiensis Al Hakam (BtAlHakam)Other, suspected bioweapons facilityIraqclusterIII
B03_002B.cereus B03_002Animal, cattle (cow)FranceclusterV
B03_003B.cereus B03_003Animal, cattle (cow)FranceclusterV
B04_002B.anthracis B04_002Animal, dead sheepSpainclusterIII
B04_022B.anthracis B04_022Human (1996) [anthrax]France, PoitiersclusterIII
B04_025B.anthracis B04_025Animal, cattle (cow)FranceclusterIII
B05_004B.cereus B05_004Animal, parrotFranceclusterIV
B05_010B.cereus B05_010HumanFranceclusterIII
B05_011B.cereus B05_011HumanFranceclusterIII
B06_001B.cereus B06_001HumanMadagascarclusterIII
B06_003B.cereus B06_003Human, bloodNorwayclusterIII
B06_004B.cereus B06_004HumanNorwayclusterIII
B06_005B.cereus B06_005Human, woundFranceclusterIV
B06_006B.cereus B06_006Human, bloodFranceclusterII
B06_007B.cereus B06_007Human, cutaneousNorwayclusterIII
B06_008B.cereus B06_008Human, bloodFranceclusterIII
B06_009B.cereus B06_009Human, Cerebrospinal fluidFranceclusterIII
B06_010B.cereus B06_010Human, Cerebrospinal fluidTahiti, PapeeteclusterIV
B06_011B.cereus B06_011HumanFranceclusterIV
B06_012B.cereus B06_012HumanFranceclusterIV
B06_013B.cereus B06_013Human, bloodFranceclusterII
B06_014B.cereus B06_014HumanFranceclusterII
B06_015B.cereus B06_015Human, drainage tubeFranceclusterV
B06_016B.cereus B06_016Other, Slaughterhouse floorFranceclusterII
B06_017B.cereus B06_017Human, bloodFranceclusterV
B06_018B.cereus B06_018Human, peritonealFranceclusterIII
B06_019B.cereus B06_019Human, woundFranceclusterIV
B06_020B.cereus B06_020Human, woundFranceclusterIII
B06_021B.cereus B06_021Human, bloodFranceclusterII
B06_022B.cereus B06_022Human, bloodFranceclusterII
B06_023B.cereus B06_023Human, woundFranceclusterV
B06_024B.cereus B06_024Human, bloodFranceclusterIV
B06_025B.cereus B06_025Human, bloodGuyaneclusterIII
B06_026B.cereus B06_026Human, woundFranceunclustered
B06_027B.cereus B06_027Human, woundFranceclusterIII
B06_028B.cereus B06_028Human, bloodFranceclusterII
B06_029B.cereus B06_029Human, bloodFranceclusterIV
B06_030B.cereus B06_030Human, bronchicFranceclusterVI
B06_031B.cereus B06_031HumanMartiniqueclusterIII
B06_032B.cereus B06_032HumanFranceclusterIV
B06_033B.cereus B06_033Human, bloodFranceclusterIV
B06_034B.cereus B06_034HumanFranceclusterIV
B06_035B.cereus B06_035HumanFranceclusterIV
B06_036B.cereus B06_036Human, bloodTahiti, PapeeteclusterIV
B06_038B.anthracis B06_038SoilItalyclusterIII
B06_039B.anthracis B06_039Soil [from a site where a dead animal was buried 2 years before]ItalyclusterIII
B06_040B.anthracis B06_040SoilItalyclusterIII
B06_041B.cereus B06_041SoilItalyclusterVI
03BB108GB.cereus 03BB108Other, dust in workspace associated with clinical case (isolate 03BR1283) (2003) [two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences]USA, TexasclusterIII
B4264GB.cereus B4264 (2002734361)Human, blood and pleural fluid (1969) [human fatal pneumonia] clusterIV
TIGB.anthracis Tsiankovskii-I (TI)[Soviet Union livestock vaccine strain; pXO1+/pXO2+]USSRclusterIII
G9842GB.cereus G9842Human, faeces/stools (1996) [from the same food poisoning outbreak as isolates G9843 and G9844; human diarrhea]USA, NebraskaclusterIV
H3081.97GB.cereus H3081.97 (2002734506)Food (1997) [emetic toxin/cereulide producer; from the same food poisoning outbreak as isolates H3074.97 and H3076.97; outbreak linked to rice]USA, TexasclusterIII
INRAAF2B.cytotoxicus INRA AF2Food, potato puree (2003) [connected to a food poisoning case]FranceclusterVII
NVH0597/99GB.cereus NVH0597-99 (NVH0597/99)Food, spice mix (1999) [strain believed to be the cause of a diarrheal food poisoning outbreak]NorwayclusterIII
NVH0883/00B.cytotoxicus NVH0883/00Food, spices (2000)NorwayclusterVII
ATCC11950GB.cereus W (ATCC11950)Soil [carries the prophage W; W and its lytic variant, phage gamma, infect B.anthracis] clusterIII
A0174GB.anthracis LSU174 (K1979, A0174, 74-412C-8)Animal, cattle (bovine) (1974) [pXO1+/pXO2-]CanadaclusterIII
A0193GB.anthracis LSU193 (K1256, A0193, 96-10355)Animal, cattle (cow) (1996) [pXO1+/pXO2+]USA, South DakotaclusterIII
A0389GB.anthracis A0389 (K1938, 89)[pXO1+/pXO2+]Indonesia, BekasiclusterIII
A0442GB.anthracis LSU442 (K6835, A0442, 28, K88)Animal, Kudu (1975) [pXO1+/pXO2+]South Africa, Kruger National ParkclusterIII
A0465GB.anthracis LSU465 (K2762, A0465, RA3, 6445/RA3)Animal, cattle (Cow), spleen (1997) [two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences; pXO1+/pXO2+]France, Pyrenees mountainsclusterIII
A0488GB.anthracis type strain LSU488 (K4596, A0488, ATCC14578, Vollum)Animal, cattle (cow) (1935) [pXO1+/pXO2+; differences from isolate Vollum in adk and glpF sequences]UK, OxfordshireclusterIII
Q1GB.cereus Q1Other, deep-subsurface oil reservoirChina (Northeastern), Daqing oil fieldclusterIII
ATCC4342GB.cereus ATCC4342 (AH226, AH821)Dairy products, milk (1900) [sensitive to gamma phage infecting B.anthracis; three complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences]USAclusterIII
BGSC4AJ1GB.thuringiensis monterrey BGSC4AJ1 (AH1355, GM33, T28001)[produces a polyglutamate capsule resembling that of B.anthracis]MexicoclusterIII
BGSC4CC1GB.thuringiensis pulsiensis BGSC4CC1 (T65001, AH1357, NARC Bt17)Soil, grain fieldPakistanclusterIII
Bt407GB.thuringiensis 407 (Bt407, AH1031)Other, Pasteur Institute [well studied isolate that has been cured of the plasmid that encodes the insecticidal crystal toxin; two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences]France, ParisclusterIV
03BB102GB.cereus 03BB102 (2002734580)Human, blood (2003) [human fatal pneumonia; carries pXO1 plasmid with anthrax virulence genes]USA, TexasclusterIII
172560.WGB.cereus 172560.WHuman, burn wound (2003) [human wound infection]UK, Scotland, GlasgowclusterIV
F95/8201GB.cereus 95/8201 (F95/8201)Human, endocarditis; Prince Charles Hospital (1995)UK, Wales, Merthyr TydfilclusterIII
AH621GB.c_group AH621Soil, heather soil (1994)Norway, Singsas/SaeterengclusterVI
ATCC10792GB.thuringiensis thuringiensis type strain ATCC10792 (IMSNU12088, DSM2046, WS2734, AH1083, HD735, CIP53.137, KCTC3452, KCTC1034)Animal, Insect, Mediterranean flour moth/mill moth (Ephestia kuhniella/Anagasta kuehniella)IsraelclusterIV
ATCC10876GB.cereus ATCC10876 (569, AH181, IMSNU13045, NRRLB-569, NCTC7464, KCTC1092)Other, contaminated flask (1945) [well-studied strain used in many structural studies of the spore and exospore; two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences] clusterIV
BDRD-Cer4GB.cereus BDRD-Cer4Other, Biological Defense Research Directorate (BDRD)USA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterIV
BDRD-ST196GB.cereus BDRD-ST196Other, Biological Defense Research Directorate (BDRD)USA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterVI
BDRD-ST24GB.cereus BDRD-ST24Other, Biological Defense Research Directorate (BDRD)USA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterIV
BDRD-ST26GB.cereus BDRD-ST26Other, Biological Defense Research Directorate (BDRD)USA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterIII
BGSC4BA1GB.thuringiensis pondicheriensis BGSC4BA1 (T20a001, B23)SoilIndiaclusterIII
BGSC4BD1GB.thuringiensis huazhongensis BGSC4BD1 (T40001, YBT-978) ChinaclusterIV
BGSC4Y1GB.thuringiensis tochigiensis BGSC4Y1 (117-72, HD868, AH460)Other, soil or litter of silkworm (Bombyx mori)JapanclusterIII
BGSC6E1GB.cereus BGSC6E1 (AH263, GP7)[produces chitinase] clusterIII
CDC684GB.anthracis CDC684 (NRRL3495, NRS234)[originally labeled B.megaterium; shows significant attenuation of virulence; pXO1+/pXO2+] clusterIII
DSM12442GB.pseudomycoides type strain DSM12442 (NRRLB-617, WS3118, KCTC3862)SoilGhana or Sweden or USAclusterI
ATCC6462GB.mycoides type strain DSM2048 (ATCC6462, WS2641, NRS273, NCTC12974, CIP103472, KCTC3453)SoilKorea (South), SeoulclusterVI
F65185GB.cereus F65185 (2002734558)Human, wound (2005) [from an open fracture; encapsulated isolate]USA, New YorkclusterIV
IBL200GB.thuringiensis IBL200Human, healthy human hand (1985) [israelensis-like serovar; bears Photorhabdus/Yersinia-like toxin genes]USA, MarylandclusterIV
IBL4222GB.thuringiensis IBL4222Animal, cat-s paw (1985) [israelensis-like serovar]USA, MarylandclusterIV
m1293GB.cereus m1293 (BPS-2)Dairy products, cream cheese (1987)BrazilclusterIII
m1550GB.cereus m1550 (277/2)Food, uncooked chicken (1987)BrazilclusterIV
R_3098/03GB.cereus R309803 (R_3098/03)Human, blood (2003) [human septicaemia]UK, Englandunclustered
Rock1-15GB.cereus Rock1-15SoilUSA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterIV
Rock1-3GB.cereus Rock1-3SoilUSA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterV
Rock1-4GB.mycoides Rock1-4SoilUSA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterI
Rock3-17GB.mycoides Rock3-17SoilUSA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterI
Rock3-28GB.cereus Rock3-28SoilUSA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterV
Rock3-29GB.cereus Rock3-29SoilUSA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterV
Rock3-42GB.cereus Rock3-42SoilUSA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterIII
Rock3-44GB.cereus Rock3-44SoilUSA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterI
Rock4-18GB.cereus Rock4-18SoilUSA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterV
Rock4-2GB.cereus Rock4-2SoilUSA, Maryland, RockvilleclusterIV
T01001GB.thuringiensis thuringiensis T01001 (BGSC4A3, HD2, DSM6029)Animal, Insect, Mediterranean flour moth/mill moth (Ephestia kuhniella/Anagasta kuehniella) (1958)CanadaclusterIV
T03a001GB.thuringiensis kurstaki T03a001Animal, Insect, Mediterranean flour moth/mill moth (Ephestia kuhniella/Anagasta kuehniella) (1962)FranceclusterIV
T04001GB.thuringiensis sotto T04001 (BGSC4E4, HD6) CanadaclusterIV
T13001GB.thuringiensis pakistani T13001 (Pak94)Animal, Insect, Lepidoptera (1976)PakistanclusterIV
A0248GB.anthracis A0248 (K2802, 28, LSU248)Human (1968) [pXO1+/pXO2+]USA, OhioclusterIII
08CEB44BACB.cytotoxicus 08CEB44BACFood, cooked semolina (2008) [related to food poisoning}FranceclusterVII
7_6_55CFAA_CT2GB.c_group 7_6_55CFAA_CT2Human, healthy biopsy tissue from a patient with Crohn-s disease clusterIV
BMB171GB.thuringiensis kurstaki BMB171Other, acrystalliferous mutant derived from B.thuringiensis kurstaki strain YBT-1463 cured of the insecticidal toxin plasmid at Huazhong Agricultural UniversityChina, WuhanclusterIV
CIGB.cereus biovar anthracis CIAnimal, great apes (chimpanzees) (2001,2002) [previously named atypical B.anthracis because it carries pXO1 and pXO2 plasmids with anthrax virulence and polyglutamate capsule genes; produces a capsule]Ivory Coast, Tai National ParkclusterIII
CT-43GB.thuringiensis chinensis CT-43 ChinaclusterIV
CVUAS2833B.cytotoxicus CVUAS2833Food, potato puree (2007) [related to food poisoning]GermanyclusterVII
NC7401GB.cereus NC7401Human, faeces/stools or vomit (1974 or 1994) [human vomiting, emetic food poisoning outbreak, emetic toxin/cereulide producer]JapanclusterIII
SJ1GB.cereus SJ1Other, chromium-contaminated wastewater of a metal electroplating factory [chromate-resistant and reducing isolate]China, GuangdongclusterIII
YBT-020GB.thuringiensis finitimus YBT-020 (BGSC4B4)  clusterIII
LFB1263B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ1263 (LFB1263)Soil (2004)Brazil, Rio Grande do SulclusterIV
LFB1414B.thuringiensis LFB-FIOCRUZ1414 (LFB1414)Food, Coffee powder (2006)BrazilclusterIV
LFB1561B.thuringiensis LFB-FIOCRUZ1561 (LFB1561)Dairy products, pasteurized whole milk (2011)BrazilclusterIV
LFB1588B.thuringiensis LFB-FIOCRUZ1588 (LFB1588)Dairy products, pasteurized whole milk (2011)BrazilclusterIV
LFB1619B.thuringiensis LFB-FIOCRUZ1619 (LFB1619)Dairy products, pasteurized whole milk (2011)BrazilclusterIV
LFB1669B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ1669 (LFB1669)Soil (2012)Brazil, ParanaclusterIV
LFB1687B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ1687 (LFB1687)Animal, Insect, Culicidae (2008)Brazil, Sao PauloclusterIV
LFB1689B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ1689 (LFB1689)Animal, Insect, Culicidae (2008)Brazil, Sao PauloclusterIV
LFB1691B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ1691 (LFB1691)Animal, Insect, Culicidae (2009)Brazil, Sao PauloclusterIV
LFB196B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ196 (LFB196)Soil (1979)Brazil, Rio de JaneiroclusterIV
LFB440B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ440 (LFB440)Food, Powder for pudding (1982)BrazilclusterIII
LFB540B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ540 (LFB540)Food, Shake mix chocolate flavor (1982)BrazilclusterIV
LFB541B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ541 (LFB541)Food, Rice cream (1982)BrazilclusterIV
LFB766B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ766 (LFB766)Soil (1989)Brazil, Rio de JaneiroclusterIV
LFB774B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ774 (LFB774)Soil (1989)Brazil, Rio Grande do SulclusterIV
LFB799B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ799 (LFB799)Food, Chocolate porridge (1991)BrazilclusterIII
LFB803B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ803 (LFB803)Food, Formulated infant food (1991)BrazilclusterIV
LFB821B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ821 (LFB821)Food, pepper (1993)BrazilclusterIII
LFB970B.cereus LFB-FIOCRUZ970 (LFB970)Soil (1999)Brazil, ParanaclusterIV
192B.cereus 192Food, rice (2011)China, Zhejiang ProvinceclusterIII
03BB87GB.cereus 2002734342 (03BB87)Human, blood (2003) [human fatal pneumonia; carries pXO1 plasmid with anthrax virulence genes and produces a polysaccharide capsule]USA, TexasclusterIII
105NeGB.cereus 105NeOther, Water (2011)Switzerland, Neuchatel, Ponts-de-MartelclusterV
11kri323GB.mycoides 11kri323Other, Water (2011)Greece, Kavala, Krinidesunclustered
13061GB.cereus 13061  clusterIII
2000031006GB.anthracis 2000031006(1956)USA, New MexicoclusterIII
2000031008GB.anthracis 2000031008 USA, AlabamaclusterIII
2000031023GB.anthracis 2000031023Animal, cattle (1957) clusterIII
2000031027GB.anthracis 2000031027Animal, cattle (1957)USA, OklahomaclusterIII
2000031031GB.anthracis 2000031031Human (1957)USA, MassachusettsclusterIII
2000031038GB.anthracis 2000031038(1957) clusterIII
2000031039GB.anthracis 2000031039Animal, cattle (1957) clusterIII
2000031052GB.anthracis 2000031052Animal, cattle (1956)USA, WyomingclusterIII
2000031075GB.anthracis 2000031075Animal, cattleSouth AfricaclusterIII
2000031709GB.anthracis 2000031709(1956)USA, CarolinasclusterIII
2000031765GB.anthracis 2000031765  clusterIII
2000032819GB.anthracis 2000032819  clusterIII
2000032832GB.anthracis 2000032832  clusterIII
2000032879GB.anthracis 2000032879(1962) clusterIII
2000032892GB.anthracis 2000032892  clusterIII
2000032951GB.anthracis 2000032951Human (1958) clusterIII
2000032967GB.anthracis 2000032967  clusterIII
2000032968GB.anthracis 2000032968  clusterIII
2000032975GB.anthracis 2000032975(1966) clusterIII
2000032979GB.anthracis 2000032979 USA, New JerseyclusterIII
2000032989GB.anthracis 2000032989  clusterIII
2002013094GB.anthracis 2002013094Soil (1956) [pXO1+/pXO2+; two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences]USAclusterIII
219298GB.mycoides 219298 (BA0098)  clusterI
3154GB.anthracis 3154SoilBulgariaclusterIII
3166GB.anthracis 3166SoilBulgariaclusterIII
3AGB.cereus 3a (FRI41)Other, Food Research Institute, University of Wisconsin-MadisonUSA, Wisconsin, MadisonclusterIII
44-NIAHGB.anthracis 44-NIAH  clusterIII
4599GB.anthracis Heroin Ba4599 (Ba4599)Human, Scottish heroin user (2009)UK, Scotland, GlasgowclusterIII
52-40-NIAHGB.anthracis 52-40-NIAHAnimal, horse (1940)ChinaclusterIII
52-GGB.anthracis 52-GAnimal, cattle (bovine) (2009) [pXO1+/pXO2+]Georgia, TbilisiclusterIII
8903-GGB.anthracis 8903-GSoil (1997) [pXO1+/pXO2+]Georgia, GardabaniclusterIII
9080-GGB.anthracis 9080-GSoil (1998) [pXO1+/pXO2+]Georgia, GardabaniclusterIII
95014GB.anthracis 95014[pXO1+/pXO2-] clusterIII
A0157GB.anthracis A0157 (NR-1041)Animal, Pig (1996) [derived from strain ATCC4728; pXO1-/pXO2+]USAclusterIII
A0463GB.anthracis LSU463 (K5135, A0463, PAK-1)Animal, sheep (1978) [reported as pXO1+/pXO2+ but no pXO2 sequence in genome]PakistanclusterIII
A1GB.cereus A1Other, sludge of an anaerobic digestion reactor (2011) [efficient starch-utilizing producer of hydrogen]China, BeijingclusterIV
A1039GB.anthracis A1039Animal, cattle (1999)Bolivia, Santa CruzclusterIII
A1075GB.anthracis A1075Animal, cattle [pXO1+/pXO2+]Chile, Lago Ranco-Valdivia Agricola Quillin Va. RegionclusterIII
A1144GB.anthracis A1144[pXO1+/pXO2+; shows mucoid colony morphology]ArgentinaclusterIII
A16GB.anthracis A16[pXO1+/pXO2+] clusterIII
A16RGB.anthracis A16R[attenuated variant of strain A16; pXO1+/pXO2-] clusterIII
A.Br.003GB.anthracis Scotland A.Br.003Human, child cutaneous anthraxUK, Scotland, DundeeclusterIII
AK47GB.thuringiensis AK47Soil (2010)India, OdishaclusterIV
AND1407GB.c_group AND1407Food clusterIII
ANSES00-82GB.anthracis ANSES 00-82 (00-82)Animal, cattle (bovine) (2000)France, SavoieclusterIII
ANSES08-820GB.anthracis ANSES 08-8 20 (08-8_20)Animal, cattle (bovine) (2008)France, DoubsclusterIII
ANSES99-100GB.anthracis ANSES 99-100 (99-100)Animal, cattle (bovine) (1999)France, NievreclusterIII
ATCC14185GB.anthracis ATCC14185 (K3700, A0267, LSU267, V770-NP-1R, V770-NP1-R)Animal, cattle (bovine) (1951) [United States Human Vaccine strain; pXO1+/pXO2-; two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences]USA, FloridaclusterIII
B38VGB.mycoides B38VSoil or plant, Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) rhizosphere (2010) [promotes sunflower growth]Brazil, Rio Grande do SulclusterVI
B5-2GB.c_group B5-2SoilChinaclusterII
BA1004GB.anthracis Ames BA1004(2000) [pXO1+/pXO2+]USA, TexasclusterIII
BA1035GB.anthracis BA1035Human, Clinical [pXO1+/pXO2+]South AfricaclusterIII
BcAlHakamGB.cereus Al Hakam (BcAlHakam)Other, suspected bioweapons facilityIraqclusterI
BcFL2013GB.cereus BcFL2013  clusterIII
BCT-7112GB.toyonensis type strain BCT-7112 (CECT876, NCIMB14858)Soil (1966) [active ingredient of the feed additive preparation Toyocerin]Japan, Izu, Shizuoka PrefectureclusterV
BF1GB.anthracis BF1Animal, cattle (cow) carcass (2009) [from a cow that had succumbed to anthrax; pXO1+/pXO2+]Germany, BavariaclusterIII
BFVGB.anthracis BFV (BA0052)[pXO1+/pXO2+] clusterIII
BGSC4AA1GB.thuringiensis morrisoni BGSC4AA1Soil (1987) [originally classified as B.thuringiensis tenebrionis] clusterIV
BGSC4Q7GB.thuringiensis israelensis BGSC4Q7 (4Q2-81, AH424, KB006)Soil (1976) [plasmid-cured; acrystalliferous; widely used as a recombination host]IsraelclusterIV
BHPGB.mycoides BHPSoilPapua New Guineaunclustered
BMG1.7GB.c_group BMG1.7  clusterIV
BtB2-4GB.c_group BtB2-4  clusterVI
Btm27GB.thuringiensis mexicanensis 27 (BGSC4AC2, Btm27)Animal, Insect, Citrus mealybug (Planococcus citri) (2010)EgyptclusterIV
Canadian_bisonGB.anthracis Canadian_bisonAnimal, Bison [pXO1+/pXO2+]CanadaclusterIII
CarbosapGB.anthracis Carbosap[attenuated, toxigenic, capsulated strain; shows significant attenuation of virulence; used in Italy as a live spore vaccine for cattle and sheep; pXO1+/pXO2+; two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences between]Somalia, Asmara, Institute Vacci nogeno or Italy, RomeclusterIII
CER057GB.c_group CER057  clusterVI
CER074GB.c_group CER074  clusterVI
Cvac02GB.anthracis Cvac02Animal, dead cow blood (2013) [from the site of an anthrax outbreak]China, Liaoning ProvinceclusterIII
CZC5GB.anthracis CZC5Animal, Hippopotamus tissues (2011) [from hippopotamuses that had died during an anthrax outbreak]ZambiaclusterIII
D17GB.cereus D17 (FRI13)Other, Food Research Institute, University of Wisconsin-MadisonUSA, Wisconsin, MadisonclusterIII
DAR81934GB.thuringiensis DAR81934[exhibits molluscicidal activity toward the pest snail Cernuella virgata]Australia, Port Campbell National ParkclusterIV
DB27GB.thuringiensis DB27[highly nematicidal] clusterIV
deltaSterneGB.anthracis delta Sterne[pXO1-/pXO2-] clusterIII
DSM11821GB.weihenstephanensis type strain WSBC10204 (DSM11821, AH1145, KB008, NBRC101238)Dairy products, pasteurized milk (1992) [from the same dairy as isolates WSBC10028, WSBC10029, WSBC10030, WSBC10031, WSBC10042, WSBC10201, WSBC10205, WSBC10206, WSBC10208, and WSBC10211; two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences clusterVI
DSM4222GB.cereus F837/76 (AH188, KBBI3, DSM4222)Human, wound (1976) [efficient diarrheal enterotoxin producer from prostate operation wound infection]UKclusterIII
Et10/1GB.thuringiensis Et10/1Other, Water (2011) [altitude 3997 m.]Chile, Lirima thermal springsclusterIII
FGB.cereus FSoil, ancient permafrost aged nearly 3 million yearsRussia, YakutiaclusterIII
F1-15GB.cereus F1-15  clusterIII
FJAT-13831GB.bingmayongensis type strain FJAT-13831 (CGMCC1.12043, DSM25427)Soil (2010) [soil on the Terracotta Warriors from the No. 1 pit of the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor]China, Shaanxi (Xi-an City)clusterI
FM1GB.cereus FM1  clusterIII
FORC005GB.cereus FORC 005Food, chicken cutlett (2014)Korea (South), InchonclusterIV
FRI35GB.cereus FRI-35 (FRI35)  clusterIII
FSLH7-687GB.weihenstephanensis FSL H7-687Dairy products, pasteurized milk (2005)USAclusterVI
FSLR5-860GB.weihenstephanensis FSL R5-860Dairy products, pasteurized milk (2006)USAclusterIV
FT9GB.cereus FT9Other, hot springsBrazil, Caldas Novas, GoiasclusterIII
G1O-1GB.c_group BAG1O-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, Bostonunclustered
G1O-2GB.c_group BAG1O-2SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterV
G1O-3GB.c_group BAG1O-3SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterIV
G1X1-1GB.c_group BAG1X1-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterIV
G1X1-2GB.c_group BAG1X1-2SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterIV
G1X1-3GB.c_group BAG1X1-3SoilUSA, Massachusetts, Bostonunclustered
G1X2-1GB.c_group BAG1X2-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterIV
G1X2-2GB.c_group BAG1X2-2SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterIV
G1X2-3GB.c_group BAG1X2-3SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterIV
G2O-1GB.c_group BAG2O-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterIV
G2O-2GB.c_group BAG2O-2SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterV
G2O-3GB.c_group BAG2O-3SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterII
G2X1-1GB.c_group BAG2X1-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, Bostonunclustered
G2X1-2GB.c_group BAG2X1-2SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterII
G2X1-3GB.c_group BAG2X1-3SoilUSA, Massachusetts, Bostonunclustered
G3O-1GB.c_group BAG3O-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterII
G3O-2GB.c_group BAG3O-2SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterIV
G3X2-1GB.c_group BAG3X2-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, Bostonunclustered
G3X2-2GB.c_group BAG3X2-2SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterIV
G4O-1GB.c_group BAG4O-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterIV
G4X12-1GB.c_group BAG4X12-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterIV
G4X2-1GB.c_group BAG4X2-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterV
G5O-1GB.c_group BAG5O-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterV
G5X1-1GB.c_group BAG5X1-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterVI
G5X12-1GB.c_group BAG5X12-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterIV
G5X2-1GB.c_group BAG5X2-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterII
G6O-1GB.c_group BAG6O-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterV
G6O-2GB.c_group BAG6O-2SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterVI
G6X1-1GB.c_group BAG6X1-1SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterII
G6X1-2GB.c_group BAG6X1-2SoilUSA, Massachusetts, BostonclusterVI
Gmb1GB.anthracis Gmb1 GambiaclusterIII
H9401GB.anthracis H9401Human, cutaneous anthrax patient [pXO1+/pXO2+]Korea (South)clusterIII
HanGB.anthracis HanAnimal, dead cow blood (2013) [from the site of an anthrax outbreak]China, Liaoning ProvinceclusterIII
HD1002GB.thuringiensis israelensis HD1002Other, SewageIsraelclusterIV
HD1011GB.thuringiensis pondicheriensis HD1011(1915)IndiaclusterIII
HD29GB.thuringiensis galleriae galleriae HD29 (AH445, BGSC4G5, CCEB565, DSM6110)Animal, Insect, Siberian moth (Dendrolimus sibiricus)Czechoslovakia or USSRclusterIV
HD571GB.thuringiensis kyushuensis DSM6080 (HD571) JapanclusterIII
HD600GB.thuringiensis morrisoni HD600Animal, Insect, silkworm (2007)JapanclusterIV
HD682GB.thuringiensis finitimus HD682 JapanclusterIII
HD73GB.thuringiensis kurstaki HD73 (BGSC4D4, KT0)Animal, Insect [two complete genomes sequenced for this strain with identical MLST sequences] clusterIV
HD771GB.thuringiensis HD771  clusterIV
HD789GB.thuringiensis HD789  clusterIV
Hu4-2GB.thuringiensis aizawai Hu4-2Other, dust sample from maize grain siloSpainclusterIV
HuA2-1GB.c_group HuA2-1SoilBelgiumclusterVI
HuA2-3GB.c_group HuA2-3SoilBelgiumclusterV
HuA2-4GB.c_group HuA2-4SoilBelgiumclusterVI
HuA2-9GB.c_group HuA2-9SoilBelgiumclusterVI
HuA3-9GB.c_group HuA3-9SoilBelgiumclusterVI
HuA4-10GB.c_group HuA4-10SoilBelgiumclusterVI
HuB1-1GB.c_group HuB1-1SoilBelgiumclusterIV
HuB13-1GB.c_group HuB13-1SoilBelgiumclusterIV
HuB2-9GB.c_group HuB2-9SoilBelgiumclusterV
HuB4-10GB.c_group HuB4-10SoilBelgiumclusterV
HuB4-4GB.c_group HuB4-4SoilBelgiumclusterIV
HuB5-5GB.c_group HuB5-5SoilBelgiumclusterV
HYU01GB.anthracis HYU01Soil (2009) [pXO1+/pXO2+]Korea (South), ChangnyeongclusterIII
IS075GB.c_group IS075Animal, MammalsPolandclusterIII
IS195GB.c_group IS195Animal, MammalsPolandclusterIII
IS5056GB.thuringiensis thuringiensis IS5056Soil (2005)Poland, Biebrza National ParkclusterIV
IS845/00GB.c_group IS845/00Animal, MammalsPolandclusterIII
ISP2954GB.c_group ISP2954Food clusterIV
ISP3191GB.c_group ISP3191Food clusterIII
JAS83/3GB.weihenstephanensis JAS83/3Soil (2011) [MLST data different from isolate PL JAS83/3]PolandclusterVI
JCM15801GB.gaemokensis type strain JCM 15801 (MCCC1A00707, BL3-6, KCTC13318)Other, Yellow Sea tidal flat sediment (2011) clusterI
JCM15802GB.manliponensis type strain JCM 15802 (MCCC1A00708, BL4-6, KCTC13319)Other, Yellow Sea tidal flat sediment (2011) unclustered
JM-Mgvxx-63GB.thuringiensis JM-Mgvxx-63 (BrMgv02-JM63)Other, oil-contaminated mangrove sediment (2013)Brazil, Bertioga, Sao PauloclusterIV
K3GB.anthracis K3Human [pXO1+/pXO2+]South AfricaclusterIII
K4516GB.anthracis BA1015 (A0376, K4516)Animal, cattle (Bovine) (1939) [pXO1+/pXO2+]USA, MarylandclusterIII
K-5975cGB.c_group K-5975cFood clusterIV
KS100BcGB.cereus KS100BcFood service operation (2014)Korea (South), Gyeonggi-doclusterIII
LCT-BC235GB.cereus LCT-BC235Other, culture sent to space aboard the Shenzhou-8 spacecraft; isolated after space flight clusterIII
LCT-BC244GB.cereus LCT-BC244  clusterIII
LCT-BC25GB.cereus LCT-BC25Other, culture sent to space aboard the Shenzhou-8 spacecraft; isolated after space flight clusterIII
Leapi01GB.thuringiensis aizawai Leapi01Animal, Insect, Loreyi Leafworm/Cosmopolitan (Mythimna loreyi/Leucania loreyi) dead larvaSpainclusterIV
LM1212GB.thuringiensis LM1212Animal, Insect, beetle (Oryctes gigas) cadaverMadagascarclusterIII
Lr3/2GB.thuringiensis Lr3/2Other, Water (2011) [altitude 3997 m.]Chile, Lirima thermal springsclusterIII
Lr4/2GB.cereus Lr4/2  clusterIV
Lr7/2GB.thuringiensis Lr7/2Other, Water (2011)Chile, Lirima thermal springsclusterIV
MC118GB.c_group MC118  clusterVI
MC28GB.thuringiensis MC28Soil, virgin forest soilChina, Mu Chuan virgin forest, Sichuan ProvinceclusterV
MC67GB.c_group MC67  clusterVI
MIT0214GB.cereus MIT0214Other, Deep subsurface (2010) [isolated through enrichment of samples from geologic sequestration sites in pressurized bioreactors containing a supercritical CO2 headspace]USA, TexasclusterIV
MSX-A1GB.c_group MSX-A1  clusterIV
MSX-A12GB.c_group MSX-A12  clusterIII
MSX-D12GB.c_group MSX-D12  clusterIII
NA205-3GB.thuringiensis tolworthi NA205-3Other, dust from maize siloSpainclusterIV
NBIN-866GB.thuringiensis NBIN-866SoilChina, Hubei ProvinceclusterIV
NRS936GB.mycoides Flugge 10206 (ATCC10206, NCIMB8096, NCTC2603, CIP105443, NRS936)  clusterI
OhioACBGB.anthracis Ohio ACBAnimal, pig [pXO1+/pXO2+]USA, OhioclusterIII
PasteurGB.anthracis PasteurAnimal, cat [pXO1-/pXO2+] clusterIII
Pasteur_StandardGB.thuringiensis tolworthi Pasteur Institute Standard strain (Pasteur_Standard)  clusterIV
PollinoGB.anthracis PollinoAnimal, cattle (bovine) carcass (2014) [from a bovine anthrax-burial site; pXO1+/pXO2+]Italy, Pollino National Park, BasilicataclusterIII
S2-8GB.cereus S2-8 (FRI42)Soil (1993) [University of Wisconsin-Madison]USA, Wisconsin, MadisonclusterIII
Sbt003GB.thuringiensis Sbt003Soil (2010)China, HubeiclusterIV
SchrouffGB.c_group SchrouffFood clusterIV
Sen2Col2GB.anthracis Sen2Col2 SenegalclusterIII
Sen3GB.anthracis Sen3 SenegalclusterIII
Shikan-NIIDGB.anthracis Shikan-NIIDAnimal, horse (1928)Japan, TokyoclusterIII
SK-102GB.anthracis SK-102Other, Wool from Pakistan (1976) [pXO1+/pXO2+]USA, New JerseyclusterIII
Smith1013GB.anthracis Smith 1013 (Pasteur-like)[pXO1-/pXO2+] clusterIII
SterneGB.anthracis Sterne USAclusterIII
SVA11GB.anthracis SVA11Animal, cattle (2011) [from an outbreak in cattle that occurred in a Swedish nature reserve; pXO1+/pXO2+]SwedenclusterIII
T01-328GB.thuringiensis T01-328Soil (1994)Brazil, Cubatao county, Sao PauloclusterIV
TIAC219GB.c_group TIAC219Food clusterIV
tsu1GB.cereus tsu1Other, contaminated cellulose-agar plate (2009)USA, Tennessee, NashvilleclusterIV
Turkey32GB.anthracis Turkey32Human, skin (1991) [pXO1+/pXO2+]Turkey, YozgatclusterIII
UR-1GB.anthracis UR-1Human, blood (2012) [from a german heroin user; fatal case of injectional anthrax; pXO1+/pXO2+]Germany, BavariaclusterIII
VD014GB.c_group VD014SoilSpainclusterIV
VD021GB.c_group VD021Other, Water from a small pond siteBelgiumclusterVI
VD022GB.c_group VD022Other, Water from a small pond siteBelgiumclusterIV
VD045GB.c_group VD045SoilGreenlandclusterIV
VD048GB.c_group VD048SoilGreenlandclusterVI
VD078GB.c_group VD078SoilGreenlandclusterVI
VD102GB.c_group VD102SoilGuadeloupeclusterIII
VD107GB.c_group VD107SoilGuadeloupeunclustered
VD115GB.c_group VD115SoilGuadeloupeclusterV
VD118GB.c_group VD118SoilGuadeloupeclusterVI
VD131GB.c_group VD131SoilMartiniqueclusterV
VD133GB.c_group VD133SoilMartiniqueclusterIV
VD136GB.c_group VD136SoilUK, ScotlandclusterI
VD140GB.c_group VD140SoilUK, ScotlandclusterIV
VD142GB.c_group VD142SoilUK, ScotlandclusterVI
VD146GB.c_group VD146SoilUK, ScotlandclusterVI
VD148GB.c_group VD148SoilUK, ScotlandclusterV
VD154GB.c_group VD154SoilUAE, Abu DhabiclusterIV
VD156GB.c_group VD156SoilUAE, Abu DhabiclusterIV
VD166GB.c_group VD166SoilUAE, DubaiclusterIV
VD169GB.c_group VD169SoilUAE, DubaiclusterIV
VD184GB.cereus VD184  clusterIV
VD196GB.c_group VD196SoilUAE, DubaiclusterIV
VD200GB.c_group VD200Other, WaterUK, ScotlandclusterIV
VD214GB.c_group VD214Other, WaterUK, ScotlandclusterV
VDM006GB.c_group VDM006SoilSpainclusterI
VDM019GB.c_group VDM019SoilGreenlandclusterVI
VDM021GB.c_group VDM021SoilGreenlandclusterI
VDM022GB.c_group VDM022SoilGreenlandclusterVI
VDM034GB.c_group VDM034SoilSpainclusterVI
VDM053GB.c_group VDM053Other, Water from a small pond siteBelgiumunclustered
VDM062GB.c_group VDM062SoilUK, ScotlandclusterVI
Vollum1BGB.anthracis Vollum 1BHuman (1951) [weaponized Vollum substrain used in American warheads during the 1960-s; pXO1+/pXO2+]USAclusterIII
XL6GB.thuringiensis XL6Soil (2006)China, Inner MongoliaclusterIII
YBT-1518GB.thuringiensis YBT-1518SoilChina, Jianghan Plain, HubeiclusterIV
YC-10GB.thuringiensis YC-10 (CCTCC M2010023)Plant, tobacco roots (2010)China, Hunan ProvinceclusterIV
Zimbabwe89GB.anthracis Zimbabwe89 ZimbabweclusterIII

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