Overlap between B. cereus group typing methods

Below is a schematic overview (using Venn diagrams) of the strain overlap between the 3 typing methods for the B. cereus group: MultiLocus Sequence Typing (MLST), Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP), and MultiLocus Enzyme Electrophoresis (MLEE). As of August 1, 2015, the total number of isolates that have been typed by any one method is 3193. In addition, overviews of the overlaps among the 5 MLST schemes and among the 3 AFLP studies are shown. In each figure, the number of strains shared for all combinations of methods, schemes, or studies is given in the yellow boxes.
MLST schemes are abbreviated as follows: TH, Tourasse−Helgason; H, Helgason; K, Ko; P, Priest; CS, Candelon−Sorokin.
AFLP studies are abbreviated as follows: AFLP1, Ticknor; AFLP2, Hill; AFLP3, Guinebretiere.

MLST+MLEE+AFLP Venn diagram

MLST schemes:AFLP studies:
MLST Venn diagramAFLP Venn diagram

After removal of the 65 isolates that exhibit conflicting data, the detailed breakdown of strain overlap for the remaining 3128 isolates and for all combinations of methods is given in the table below. Click on the number of isolates to get the list and information about the isolates shared by a given method combination. Methods are given in alphabetical order.

Method combinationNo. of shared isolates
aflp AND mlee154
aflp AND mlee AND mlst34
aflp AND mlst118
mlee AND mlst103

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