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"Welcome to the Bacillus cereus group Typing Databases"

LATEST NEWS (November 2015):
MAJOR UPDATE OF THE DATABASES: ~900 additional isolates, including 246 with complete genomes, and novel member species of the B. cereus group (B. toyonensis, B. gaemokensis, B. manliponensis, and B. bingmayongensis). THE WEBSITE NOW INCLUDES MORE THAN 3000 ISOLATES.

NEWS (March 2012):
Integration of 84 additional isolates, including 7 with complete genomes and 2 novel isolates belonging to the B. cytotoxicus species.
NEWS (April-May 2010):
Major upgrade of the database system. The databases have been updated with a number of new features including phylogenetic cluster classification, statistical support for branches on supertrees, lists of genotyping profiles, hyperbolic tree viewer, and more.

This website hosts three typing databases developed at the University of Oslo, Norway, for the Bacillus cereus group of bacteria, which includes B. cereus, B. anthracis, B. thuringiensis, B. mycoides, B. pseudomycoides, and B. weihenstephanensis. The databases contain MultiLocus Sequence Typing (MLST), MultiLocus Enzyme Electrophoresis (MLEE), and Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP) phylogenetic data.

Citing the database

If you use data from this website in publications, please cite this website, preferably as below:

"This publication made use of the University of Oslo's Bacillus cereus group MultiLocus and MultiData Typing website (http://mlstoslo.uio.no)"

Database implementation

The databases are constructed by using mlstdbNet software developed by Jolley et al, 2004, heavily modified by Dr. Nicolas J. Tourasse, and the PostgreSQL database management system. The website makes use of the facilities and support provided by the Norwegian EMBnet node and the HPC Supercomputing facilities at the University of Oslo.


The databases provided on this website are maintained by Dr. Nicolas J. Tourasse.
For comments, questions, or to submit your own data for inclusion into the database release, please contact Nicolas J. Tourasse (nicolas.tourasse@inserm.fr), ARNA Laboratory, INSERM UMR 869, University of Bordeaux, France, or Prof. Anne−Brit Kolstø (a.b.kolsto@farmasi.uio.no), Laboratory for Microbial Dynamics (LaMDa), Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, University of Oslo. See also the Data Info and Submission page.